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shankarramasubramaniyan poety book review



 poems by Shankarraamasubramaniyan

                       Review by   Elancheral



Just before

Born in sea

Now this is into                                  

Vender of Black old women’s       

On weigh scale

Lasting heartbeat without

Sleeping fishes on

Flies moving on morning ray

Respect welcome to you.


            Tamil modern poetry world welcomed this positively trend and says this will do a lot of good. To the Tamil language together with fine arts based on modern culture besides prevailing the younger generation towards the literary plane of this ancient classical language.

        These young modern poets have been emerging aggressively in the Tamil literary world in the past one decade. This augurs well for the whole Tamil fraternity. Shankarramasubramaniyan have proved their worthiness by setting attend, much to the delight of senior poets.

        We absolutely accept and mark about their poem’s particular, and paints out that who is a forerunners himself have been handling Tamil language in a unique and innovative way and difference triangle thought in their works.


 Today afternoon

A Dream

My aquarium tank wall

Broke and

Last drop of water also exit

I’ve up sea

Air and rain

Disturbing all sides                   

Opened my house


              But these modern poets have proved to be a different lot. Who address multiple issues confronting society with ease?

           Shankar’s collections, reading the book, I was looking for fresher, the powers and depth of words, strong motivation and content, readability was important. So was a each poem went to inner mind. Shankar has proved as venders who rose advisably to the challenge .of course my collective list was slightly alertly with the group verdict.            

 Which is a solid outcome respecting well the prevailing vitality of the Tamil literary scenario. The entry of the fifth poem’s collection of shankar’s poetry collection promises a shiver of new excitement.

              Most guides will assure you that the post modern World in thoroughly secular in this respect all. They will say. you can see that the modern and the postmodern are in continuity. Look at the world around you. Modern atheism set down roots in the enlighten. Those roots grew deeper in

the nineteenth century. Further, World these days in passing through a critical stage. The political starvation growing extremely intricate day by day. The economic condition has become very depressing moral, religious and social degradation has almost reached his final limits.

               During frequent stays in shankar’s poems, I was fortunate enough to me some exceptional human being who have given me so much. And had such an impact towards poetic sense of life. In a remarkable area of the world called the contemporary poem equally being required.


 Iam standing under roof 

At leaps surrounding tree

Parrots sound

I would see the parrots

Inner leaves

All leaps transformation as parrots

Now leaves did sound


           This poems concerns men, women, children, political abnormal status seasonally being changed characters which was alien together with us who have been uprooted from their homes by in placeboes nature and hostile circumstances.

             This is a poem about how comment people activities in routine, incredibly difficult odds, to survive.

to share. And to serve and to love. shankar has given access to personal entries and correspondence. And the bulk of his narrations consisted of over and above lengthy interviews in his life. This has also reveals in his poems.

                    Shankar’s collection poems, though the fruit of extensive research, does not pretend to speak for the whole of modern life. Who have enormous affection for modern poems. We saw their previous four poetic collections. Which is reflecting and publishing short and little magazines since 1995 onwards.

           Before expressing my views over the subject dealt within this brief treatise feel special pleasure  in writing a few lines about the shankar. He leads an intelectuls poetic ethics. Life sorrunded by all kinds of care and responsibilities. He possesses a frail body with an absolutely in assuming exteriors.

           The unimaginized poetic topics dealt with in the collection are all of vital existence life importance to one having a craving or realization the most lively and encouraging feature being that we can achieve highest attainments leading all along the life of a modern poem.




The rain both

Mango tree

Just bend into

Little dropping on

Branch of drumstick tree

Leaves as their

Name as sister’s papaya leaves


Well began

Your festival?


       Tamil contemporary modern poets among has achieved structural freedom but self independence. Or freedom of the soul in still warning the main go stale in the want of capacity for a broader vision and free thinking. The whole

Atmosphere is surcharged with prejudice and rivalry.

         The modern literature of society and culture rests on the same foundation sectional jea lousion are the main cause of the downfall of car civilization. There are at present no less than 480 castes in Tamil society each forming a distinct unit. These castes were originally largest guids of workers and artists organized in order to solve the question or divisder of labour

           But today each guild tries to cut itself of from the rest of the community, forming a separate independence units. Harboring feeling of hatred and jealousies towards the other. Poetic modern nature in at work to put an end to this evil.

                In the other poems of title as 21th century Krishnan, poet K. while poem writing, dark, They are children, red, pet dogs, kanyakumari al these poems very much impressive upon experiences alive in mind.

         The livelihood  modern world, these are all poems about modern lifestyle’s criticism. All poem’s paint and art and narrate the huminity rather than nature voice,consequence, which say present circumstance. That the poet placed before the readers

            Shankar has trying to give more information about modern poetry form together with humans modern  relativity belong to modern world. The rhythms sung in many poems. Who carried reader and readabilities is high faith. He used some sentence fresh structure.  Tamil modern literature features. Who had been already released four poetry books which called rather than different.

        Most of the poets utilize the formed typical and collapsible words. That tight and groom as general field and genre tamil’s poem. long porse. novel, short stories. travel literature among the all forms likely to choose these poetry clause. In the style of shankar’s poetic way in modern formal sense words and sentences are likely to shown and repeated since it is felling. Shankar has tried  to evaluate his quality of the poetic style in mature his 20 years experience, coherence, clarity, originality, forcefulness correct use of poetic soul, conciseness. Fullness of development, fluidity all these major suit the reader in style.











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